Monday, 2 June 2014

ASCO- the best I've seen: Nivo plus Ipi

And this is the best I've seen this ASCO-

M. Snzol presented the overall survival on the Nivo plus Ipi combo

at Nivo 1 mg/kg and Ipi 3 mg/kg

94% of patients are still alive after 1 year 
88% after 2 years

If you look at the data, you will see that the patient groups are very small and that especially for the higher doses, the proportion of BRAF negative patients is higher. As those do overall better than BRAF positive patients, this result might look less good for BRAF pos patients.
As the numbers are small, one has to be careful but still, this is OVERALL SURVIVAL in an so far unseen magnitude (for comparison, on Ipi 45.6 % of all patients are still alive after 1 year, Hodi 2010, read the paper). The side effects can be severe but still, people LIVE!!!

So there is hope in Melanoma!

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